Where design is simplistic and functional,
yet uniquely and beautifully crafted.
That’s Sutter Larkin.

Where each piece is thoughtfully constructed
to be as bold and unparalleled
as the individual soon to wear it.
That’s Sutter Larkin.

And where every beautiful body brings out the best
in each garment the way each garment brings out
the best in every beautiful person who wears it.
That, my friends, is Sutter Larkin.

At Sutter Larkin, my vision is simple: to design for people who love
to dress uniquely and have fun while doing it. It’s why each piece is
truly one-of-a-kind with its own motif, threaded together by the
philosophy of Scandinavian design and influence of eclectic
materials architect Stephen Dynia.

As thoughts of great design swirl around in my head every day, I
strive to create work that’s beautiful, functional and adds value to
our lives. I do this by giving each garment its own personality through
mixing colors, textures and materials unexpectedly and often boldly.
Topping off each piece with subtle elements I can only compare to my
mother’s wit. Those statements she whispers out of the side of her
mouth that few people can hear, but well worth it for those who do.

As part of our “thoughtful design” practices and the love of this beautiful planet, Sutter Larkin only works with responsibly purchased materials that are either rescued industry cast-offs or up-cycled vintage gems.